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OM INDUSTRIES represents a new dimension of toxicity free chemical & water storage system.

The advance design of the FRP Tanks with the used of top grade materials with strict quality controls and manufactured by highly trained workforce ensured that the products meet the highest quality of standards.


OM INDUSTRIES manufacture FRP tanks with layers of gelcoat from two side. The "GELCOAT" is able to protect FRP tank against the glass resin interface, ageing, the effect of moisture and temperature induced stress fatigue so that no fibre prominence occurs. The "GELCOAT" is one of the material approved for marine fabrication and it is also widely used in the fabrication of sanitary items, leisure boats and craft etc.


  • Tanks for STP- ETP Plants
  • FRP Ducts and Fittings
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Cooling Tower Tanks
  • Open & closed top Rectangular shells
  • Cylindrical shells
  • Flat and sloped bottoms
  • Agitator supports

Advantages Of FRP Tanks

  • Produced to comply with the requirements of accelerated WEATHERING TEST.
  • Truly hygienic even for many years after standard warranty period
  • Excellent surface finishing on both side.
  • Resistance to algae and microbiological growth.
  • No dirt accumulation as no any pinholes detected on the panel surface.
  • Only approved sealing materials are used to ensure a leakage and maintenance free water tank.
  • Excellent FRP panel strength as glass content is above 40%. No filler (Ca Co3) is mixed. Only "E" type of glass fiber is used.
  • Additional internal and external tank bracing and reinforcement is provided to prevent leaking and bursting especially for tank height at 3 & 4 meter height.